China asks charity organizations to publicize fundraising info
Global Times

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Charity organizations in China must make certain types of information public, according to a draft regulation released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) Thursday for public consultation. 

The information will include the organization's basic information, yearly work and financial accounting reports, funding information, projects and major transactions. 

The draft also stipulates on stricter supervision of organizations that are allowed to raise funds. They must make public the posts and salaries of their five highest-paid staff, as well as details of the organizations' expenses. 

Within three months of a public fund-raising event, organizations should make their revenues public, including how they have used funds, and plans for unused income. 

For any organization that does not follow the rules, any unit or individual can report to civil affairs departments, which will question the organization about the issue or make punishment according to China's charity law, according to the draft.