Over 60 students of a girl school poisoned in Afghanistan's Parwan province

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan, (Xinhua) - More than 60 students of a girl school were mysteriously poisoned in Jabalus Saraj district of the eastern Parwan province on Sunday, provincial police spokesman Salim Nuri said.

The incident occurred in Zarbia Girl School on Sunday morning, the official said without providing more details.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the education department of Parwan province Nizamudin Rahimi described the source for poisoning as drinking toxic water from a nearby canal, saying all the affected students have been taken to a hospital in the provincial capital of Charikar city.

An investigation has been initiated to determine the exact reason, he added.

Abdul Jalil, head of the health department in Charikar, said that around 100 ailing students of a school had been taken to a hospital for medical treatment in Charikar city on Sunday. 

Parts of Parwan province has been the scene of the Taliban-led insurgency over the past few years.