VR masterpiece shines during Swiss Innovation Week
By Gao Qing

Virtual reality simulator Birdly. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn)

Have you ever dreamed of flying through the sky? You can, in the virtual reality simulator Birdly.

Described by tech website CNET as one of the best virtual reality experiences in the world, Birdly can give you an immersive flying experience with precise sensory-motor coupling, including headwind simulation, 3D audio and visual impact.

Birdly was one of the highlights of Swiss Innovation Week, held in Beijing by the Embassy of Switzerland in China from July 2 to 6.

With a main topic of digitalization , the innovation week hosted some 35 events to showcase the country's technology-driven creation process.
The innovation week also witnessed the launch of several new Sino-Swiss cooperation programs, including the 2018 Sino-Swiss Artificial Intelligence Conference and the ABB 2018 University Innovation Contest.

"Our ultimate goal is to promote more bilateral cooperation and develop more opportunities between governments, institutions and private sectors," said Jean-Jacques de Derdel, Swiss ambassador to China.

In addition, an economic delegation consisting of top officials and 30 entrepreneurs from Geneva is visiting China from June 30 to July 9. They will stop in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai to better understand China's innovation strategies.