Canada, US extend border restrictions by 30 days
China Daily

Cars cross into the United States at the US-Canada border crossing in Lacolle, Quebec, Canada March 18, 2020. (Photo: Agencies)

Canada and the United States have agreed to extend border restrictions for another 30 days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday.

Washington and Ottawa agreed last month to clamp down on nonessential travel while allowing trade to continue across their long shared frontier during the coronavirus outbreak.

The restrictions were due to expire next week.

Canada’s death toll from COVID-19, the respiratory disease associated with the new coronavirus, rose 8 percent to 1,346 deaths, a government website said. Reported cases climbed 6 percent to 32,412.

Trudeau said Canada would support aboriginal businesses with C$306 million in interest-free loans and nonrepayable contributions. In total, Ottawa has unveiled C$115 billion (£65.6 billion) in direct spending to help companies and individuals deal with shutdowns.

On Friday, the Liberal government announced C$2.5 billion in aid for the hard-hit energy sector.