The latest: COVID-19 outbreak worldwide (Updated March 21)
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Globally, as of 1:28pm CET, 20 March 2021, there have been 121,969,223 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,694,094 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 18 March 2021, a total of 392,609,534 vaccine doses have been administered.

Workers unload boxes of Moderna Covid-19 vaccines from a Falcon aircraft, in Saint-Pierre, in the French northern Atlantic archipelago of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, on March 20, 2021. (Photo: AFP)

Current status (data as of 10:00 am BJT, March 21):

Source: Johns Hopkins University

The outbreak has now claimed the lives of at least 541,909 people in the US, the most of any country. The US also leads the world in the number of confirmed infections with 29,782,302.

Brazil has confirmed a total number of infections to 11,950,459. The death toll grew to 292,752.

India has confirmed a total number of infections to 11,555,284. The death toll grew to 159,558.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Russia have increased to 4,397,816 with 93,090 deaths.

It is followed by UK with 4,304,839 infections and 126,359 deaths, France with 4,277,183 infections and 92,119 deaths, Italy with 3,356,331 cases and 104,642 deaths, Spain with 3,212,332 cases and 72,910 deaths and Turkey with 2,992,694 cases and 29,959 deaths.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany have increased to 2,658,851 with 74,657 deaths.