China Construction Bank donates 20,000 N95 masks to Hungary
By Li Yongqun
People's Daily app


Photos provided by Zhai Zhaohui

The China Construction Bank has made a donation of 20,000 N95 masks to the the Hungarian National Health Service Center to help fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The supplies were purchased and transported by the China Construction Bank (Europe) SA with assistance and cordial guidance from the Chinese Embassy in Hungary. 

It is reported that the China Construction Bank is the first Chinese enterprise to donate epidemic medical supplies to the Hungarian government. In addition, the China Construction Bank is actively assisting Hungarian government departments, local hospitals and other institutions to find and purchase relevant medical materials through its global network and resources to jointly combat the epidemic.


China Construction Bank (Europe) SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Construction Bank in Europe, was established in Luxembourg in 2013 and has branches in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan and Warsaw, and their Hungarian branch in Budapest has been approved by domestic and overseas regulators. Since entering the European market, the China Construction Bank has been committed to developing the local economy and society, and has become a bridge of friendship between China and Europe.


Viruses have no borders. In the face of the virus, human beings are the true community of common destiny. At present, the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Europe is raging, and China Construction Bank is firmly committed in this global war against the epidemic. The bank announced it has donated various types of medical protection materials to a number of European countries, including France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Russia, and has made every effort to support the fight against the epidemic in various countries.