Hundreds of thousands have been given Chinese COVID-19 vaccines without a single infection


Photo: A coronavirus vaccine candidate from the China National Biotech Group (CNBG) showcased at the 2020 China International Services Trade Fair in Beijing on September 6, 2020. /VCG

Hundreds of thousands of people have been given two Chinese COVID-19 vaccine candidates as part of an emergency program, without a single case of infection or adverse effects, a senior official of a state-owned vaccine developer has said. 

The two vaccines, developed by China National Biotec Group (CNBG), are expected to enter the market as soon as December, said Zhou Song, the company's general legal counsel.  

They can protect people against the novel coronavirus for one to three years, and two shots will cost less than 1,000 yuan (about 146 U.S. dollars), according to Zhou.

The two vaccines are still undergoing phase three trials for safety and efficacy in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Peru, Morocco, Argentina and Jordan. 

The emergency program was launched in late July, which allows "high-risk" groups to be vaccinated, such as medical workers, diplomats and people who worked in foreign countries still struggling with the pandemic.