Chinese Embassy urges US to stop interfering in China's internal affairs
By Li Zhiwei
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Washington (People’s Daily) – China urged the US to take stock of the situation in Hong Kong, earnestly respect China's sovereignty, stop undermining rule of law in Hong Kong or interfering in China's internal affairs,the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US said Friday.

A statement issued by the US State Department on Thursday and a Washington Post article by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday denigrated the law-based law enforcement actions against individuals related to the “612 Fund.” Pelosi’s article also groundlessly attacked the Hong Kong national security law and China’s policies on the governance of Hong Kong.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US said that these remarks have seriously interfered in China's internal affairs and judicial sovereignty. China firmly rejects them.

The spokesperson said that Hong Kong is a society governed by law, where no organization or individual is above the law, and all law violations shall be brought to justice. The individuals related to the “612 Fund” are suspected of conspiring with foreign or overseas forces to endanger national security, which is very serious in nature. The actions of Hong Kong police have reflected the spirit of the rule of law — laws must be observed and law-breakers must be held accountable.

The spokesperson reiterated that the Hong Kong national security law has restored security and stability in Hong Kong and ensured the lawful rights and interests of Hong Kong residents. However, some people in the US, especially some members of Congress and other politicians, have been using the pretext of “democracy,” "human rights" and "freedom" to embolden rioters, undermine Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and contain China's development. But smears and attacks by external forces cannot stop the historical trajectory of Hong Kong's transition from chaos to stability and to prosperity. US schemes will not succeed.