Five best spots for stunning photos in Bali


(Photo: CGTN)

Boasting gorgeous natural landscape, exotic temples and warm hospitality, Bali is one of the most captivating island holiday destinations in Indonesia, leaving many visitors endlessly enamored. There are also numerous iconic photography spots for shutterbugs.

If you plan to visit Bali during the summer holiday, check out the five instagrammable locations where you'll definitely get stunning photos to brag about on social media.

No. 1: Gates of Heaven at Pura Lempuyang

The Gates of Heaven, located at Pura Lempuyang, is one of the most-visited spots among travelers. Especially on a sunny day, you are able to catch a glimpse of the Mount Agung between the two gates.

However, all that popularity comes with a price as tourists normally have to wait for around two hours to have your perfect moment for photography.

No. 2: Bali Swing in Ubud

The Bali Swing is getting all the hype nowadays. There are plenty of swings with varying heights on which you can overlook the rice terraces. This gives out the real Balinese jungle ambiance that'll capture your hearts.

It is recommended to go in the evening or early mornings to catch the soft light for the best effect.

No. 3: Tukad Cepung Waterfall

With so many splendid waterfalls to choose from in Bali, it is hard to decide which one to visit. Once a hidden gem, Tukad Cepung Waterfall has gained much fame and popularity due to its fabulous natural settings.

Nowadays it is swarmed with tourists for the best shot. The waterfall can be seen between the rock formations and, if the sun helps, the rays will create an amazing show for you.

No. 4: Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the best-known landmarks offering tourists a mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean. It is also a place that will add mystic charms to your photos.

The glorious colors of the setting sun are worth capturing. Many photographers would calculate the hours just to get a perfect shot of the beautiful sunset. 

No. 5: Tirta Empul

Located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali, Tirta Empul is a complex of highly-regarded temples as well as a mountain spring. Noted for its holy spring water, it is a place where Balinese Hindus would go to for ritual purification.

Visitors can not only know Bali's history, myths and legends here at Tirta Empul, but capture the ceremonial process with your camera. 

The good news is the visa requirements for Indonesia have become far less complicated over the past years. Today people from 169 countries are able to enjoy the visa exemption and stay for 30 days. Now go pack your bags and enjoy your holiday!