Infographics: China lists 100 most valuable domestic brands in 2018
By Chi Jingyi, Chen Lidan and Huang Ziqi
People's Daily app


The press conference of Top 100 most valuable Chinese brands by BrandZ on March 26, 2018. (Photo: Chen Lidan/ People's Daily app)

Database BrandZ revealed Monday China’s 100 most valuable Chinese brands in 2018 in Beijing.

With an average growth of 23 percent, the total brand value was 683.9 billion US dollars.



The brand value is determined by a combination of financial value and brand contribution.



The top 10 brands of 2017 defended their title in 2018, showing consistent brand value and sustainability. Tencent is a four-time champion. Alibaba and China Mobile ranked second and third, respectively. Moutai, the alcohol brand, overtook China Construction Bank and Pingan Insurance in seventh place.

When it comes to the growth in value, Xueersi, an education institution, comes first with a growth rate of 139 percent. The industries in the top rising brands are education, alcohol, real estate, car, technology, retail and household appliances.

The education industry rose fastest among all categories, with the logistics industry a newcomer.



18 new Chinese brands made the list, the top 5 of which are all from the logistics industry. The remarkable development has something to do with the rise of e-commerce.

The rise of e-commerce has shaken the market which has become increasingly customer oriented. New industrial forms were generated. Logistics is a derivative industry of e-commerce which involves technology, retail, household appliances, food and dairy products, baby care, apparel and personal care.

The telecommunications industry has suffered over the last year. In 2015, China introduced a policy on more affordable internet connection. Prime Minister Li Keqiang urged China's three major telecom service providers to implement faster internet connectivity and reduce fees. 

(Article by Chi Jingyi, infographics by Chen Lidan and Huang Ziqi)