For a better connection between China and the world: Yang Zhenwu
By Yang Zhenwu
People's Daily app


Yang Zhenwu, President of People's Daily. (Li Guoliang/People's Daily) 

Speech of Mr. Yang Zhenwu, President of People's Daily

at the launch ceremony of the People's Daily English App

October 15, 2017

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, friends,

Good morning!

This season, the sky is clear and bright, and the city is full of joy. A few days ahead of the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress, we gather here to launch the People's Daily English App. First, on behalf of People's Daily, I'd like to extend a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the distinguished guests and friends here to witness this great moment.The launch of the English app is a strategic step of People's Daily to expand our global presence. It also responds to our needs. The world we live in today is undergoing major developments, major changes and major adjustments. Countries around the world are influencing each other in an unprecedented way. The destiny of mankind has become intertwined more closely than ever before. Especially in recent years, the world's pattern and global governance system is adjusting and transforming at a faster pace, and the trend toward peace, development, and win-win cooperation has gained momentum.

The world is witnessing the vitality and momentum of China's development. China has never been so close to the center of the world stage. China's development remains a huge opportunity for the world, and cannot be separated from the common aspiration of all countries to develop. A stronger China needs to present itself to the world. The changing world is eager to know more about China. The international community expects China to share its experience, expound on its propositions, propose solutions and contribute its wisdom, which is also an inevitable phase of its development. The media should shoulder important responsibilities in this process.

As a Chinese saying goes, a wise man changes as time and events do. President Xi Jinping has urged the media to tell the China story well, spread China's voice well, and connect China and the world. President Xi made it clear that China should enhance its international communication capacity and have a bigger say in international affairs. In recent years, the People's Daily developed a coordinated strategy, catering to the needs of both Chinese and international readers and users. We proposed our media convergence initiatives and implemented them. We try to tell the stories in ways acceptable and understood by the international audience. In all, we try to achieve what President Xi urged, telling the China story well and spreading China's voice well through the development of international communication. By following President Xi's instructions and the CPC Central Committee's decisions, the People's Daily has made remarkable progress in expanding its global influence and presence.

We are fully aware that China's international image is largely created by big international media organizations rather than our media colleagues in China, and a deficit in the reciprocal information flow exists. There is still much we can do to keep pace with China's rapid global integration and satisfy the increasing demand for everything China-related. To develop an English app is a strategic move to adapt to new situations and further enhance our global influence and presence. We have confidence and favorable conditions to develop this English app, as the People's Daily is at the forefront of media convergence among Chinese media organizations. We have established the Media Hub, a news producing platform, which features first-class facilities and an advanced mechanism. Our Chinese app, launched three years ago, has seen more than 200 million downloads, and we have gained valuable experience from it.

We will maintain high standards, capitalize on our advantages, and harness resources, all to make this English app a platform which attracts English-language users through quality content, advanced technology and powerful functions.

To achieve this goal, we will attempt to do the following aspects:

First, we will capitalize on the advantages as the official media of the CPC and offer authoritative and quality content. The People's Daily is the official newspaper of the CPC Central Committee. Its authority and credibility is needed by a growing public demand in the information-driven world. We will provide timely and authoritative information, interpreting the policies of the Party and government, as well as provide a window into a dynamic Chinese society, in a bid to more accurately and objectively present China to the world.

Second, we will capitalize on the advantages of our news group to offer diversified news platforms. The People's Daily has blossomed from a print-only newspaper to a major news group with several affiliated publications, news sites and Weibo and WeChat accounts.

We will integrate the resources of different outlets inside our group and develop a well-coordinated and inter-connected approach. We will comprehensively cover China’s politics, economy, culture and society, and introduce the nation's conditions as well as its past. We will increase the diversity and choice of our news platforms, and do our best to present a vibrant and multidimensional China to the world.

Third, we will capitalize on our advantages in technology to provide excellent user experience. The People's Daily not only boasts of an excellent team of journalists, but also cutting-edge media technologies. This New Media Building has impressed visitors. The People's Daily will continue to invest in the latest technologies and maintain a strong team to support and create a powerful and trustworthy English app and provide a convenient, comfortable and relaxing experience for our users.

Last but not least, we will capitalize on our advantages in social connections to establish a platform of cooperation. The People's Daily, as the most important media outlet in China, is also an institution that attracts worldwide attention.

Our global partners and friends are from all over the world. Representatives of 265 media organizations from 126 countries and international organizations participated in our 2017 Media Cooperation Forum on the Belt and Road on September 19 in Dunhuang, China's Gansu Province this year.

With an open mind and broad horizon, we will utilize more resources from all our partners based on win-win cooperation. We will optimize the functions of the English app to build an open exchange platform for our users.

Dear friends,

The 19th CPC National Congress will open in Beijing three days from now to worldwide attention. This is a timely opportunity to launch our English app. This app has bright prospects. We will take this opportunity to provide timely coverage on the Congress, the latest insights of the CPC to the world and the new blueprint of China's development.

We will maximize this platform to make a record of the latest changes and trends in Chinese society, offering to the world a clearer voice of China. Let us welcome the People's Daily's English app and connect China and the world.  Let's say “hello” to the world!

Thank you!