Live streaming platform ordered to address Taiwan and Hong Kong error

Beijing's Internet watchdog has ordered Huajiao, a live streaming platform in China, to address an error in which Taiwan and Hong Kong were listed as countries.


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In a live-streaming quiz game operated by Huajiao Saturday, Taiwan and Hong Kong were listed as options under a question that asked participants "which country" a celebrity currently resides, the Beijing cyberspace administration said in a message on its WeChat account Sunday.

After interviewing the representatives of Huajiao, the administration ordered the live streaming provider to address the error, accusing it of violating China's regulations on cyberspace.

The administration also asked Huajiao to conduct a thorough inspection on its content and respond to public concerns in a timely fashion. The administration will take further steps accordingly.


Screenshot via Huajiao

On its official account on Weibo, a microblogging service, Huajiao said it assumed full responsibility for the error and would prevent such mistakes from happening again.

The incident came days after Chinese authorities investigated Marriott International after the U.S.-based hotel corporation categorized Chinese territories as countries in a mail questionnaire, angering its Chinese members.

Marriott has apologized for the mistake and promised to take measures to prevent such incidents.