China-funded PPD secretariat building in Bangladesh ready to open

The permanent secretariat building of the Partners in Population and Development (PPD) is ready to open, officials have said here.
PPD, a global inter-governmental organization of 26 developing countries, is with deep commitment to promote the south-south cooperation.
China has contributed 2.2 million U.S. dollars to the 2.5-million-USD PPD secretariat building project.
Member countries including Bangladesh, India and South Africa have also donated fund for the PPD building construction.
Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ma Mingqiang Monday visited the construction site.
"PPD is an important inter-government organization. I do hope that with this secretariat building, PPD will be able to carry out its works and contribute more in cooperation particularly in the south-south cooperation. And China of course will remain committed to support PPD," said the Chinese ambassador.
Joe Thomas, PPD executive director, said the dream of the building was materialized due to a significant and substantial grant from China.
"We hope that this building will help our efforts to continue support toward future south-south cooperation in various areas such as the health and population issues," said the PPD official.