China’s first large-scale shale gas field to produce 10 billion cubic meters a year
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A drilling platform at Fuling shale gas field (Photo: People’s Daily Overseas Editon)

China’s first large-scale shale gas field, Fuling field, has been completed and is expected to produce 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, the country’s state-owned oil and gas giant Sinopec announced on Monday.

The annual output of Fuling field, located in Fuling of Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, is equivalent to a 10 million ton oil field, making it the world’s largest shale gas field outside North America.

China has made breakthroughs in shale gas exploration both in capacity and drilling techniques.


An aerial photo of Fuling shale gas field (Photo: Xinhua)

The completion of the Fuling gas field marks China’s entry into large-scale commercial development of shale gas, which adjusts the energy structure and relieves the gas supply pressure in east and central China, as well as speeds up energy conservation, emissions reduction and air pollution control.

The total gas production of Fuling field exceeds 16 billion cubic meters and the annual output reached six billion cubic meters in 2017. 

The daily sales of shale gas topped 16.7 million cubic meters, which is capable of offering the daily requirements of 33.4 million households.

Sinopec discovered the Fuling shale gas field in 2012. It's the first large-scale discovery of its kind in China. 

By the end of 2017, the proven reserves has exceeded 600.8 billion cubic meters.


A shale gas well platform at Fuling field (Photo:

(Compiled by Du Mingming)