Number of foreign students keeps rising in China
By Zhang Shuo
People's Daily app


(Photo: VCG)

China has become Asia’s biggest education destination for foreign students and the trend is gathering pace, China’s Ministry of Education said on Friday.

A total of 489,200 foreign students from 204 countries and regions were studying in China’s higher education institutions in 2017, with a growth rate of 10 percent for two consecutive years, according to the Ministry.

Among the foreign students, those with Master’s and doctorate degrees reached 75,800, increasing by 18.62 percent compared to the previous year.  About 65 percent of the foreign students are from Belt and Road countries and the top five countries sending students are South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, US and India.

The education ministry said the number of foreign students in China will keep  rising as the country offers better education  opportunities.

The ministry said almost half the foreign students opt for liberal arts.

(Compiled by Qu Qiuyan)