Chinese company builds Columbia's biggest coal-powered power plant
By Wang Xiaobo and Chen Xiaowei
People's Daily app

In the industrial zone of Puerto Libertador in Department of Cordoba, the China United Engineering Corporation Limited (CUECL) built Columbia's biggest coal-powered power plant—Gecelca 3.

Columbia, rich in coal reserves, is determined to build power plants as a supplement to mitigate the electricity shortage in the dry season.

Gecelca 3, covers an area of 0.7 square kilometers, and was designed by China, built with Chinese technology and equipped with Chinese facilities.

Not only securing an electricity supply, the power plant also opens up the employment options of neighboring provinces.

The employees receive professional training from CUECL, which makes them more competitive in their own domains.


(Compiled by Qiao Wai, video source: Wang Xiaobo, edited by Qiao Wai)