China Int'l Import Expo to bring new opportunities to South Africa: Ambassador
By Wan Yu
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China's Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian delivered a keynote address at the event. (Photo: Wan Yu)

Johannesburg (People’s Daily) –At the recent Chinese embassy event honoring the upcoming “Walk into China — Welcome to the 1st China International Import Expo” in Johannesburg, Ambassador Lin Songtian delivered a keynote address where he touched on the opportunities the annual export forum will provide.

South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Small Business Development Cassel Mathale and over 200 government officials from China and South Africa, plus representatives from various business communities were in attendance as they had come to learn more about the export in Shanghai this November.

“The Expo will create new opportunities for countries around the world to expand their exports to China to achieve sound and fast development,” Lin said.

The new forum aims to make fresh contributions to global peace and development, the Chinese ambassador explained.  Another goal will see the creation of a global platform designed to help participating nations achieve common development.

Lin emphasized how China has always conducted foreign trade on the principles of mutual benefits and reciprocity, stressing a “win-win cooperation for common development.”

The International Import Expo will provide more opportunities for South Africa to expand their export business in China.  The event will mark the first-ever International Import Expo in China’s modern history.

For nine consecutive years, China has been South Africa’s biggest trading partner and as Lin reminded, they have never pursued a trade surplus.

“In September, South Africa became the first African country to export beef to China. The export of mineral resources, fruits, red wine, and marine products from South Africa to China have also registered substantial growth over the years,” Lin said.

This year’s event will also be the first-ever national-level Import Expo in the world and a pioneering endeavor for the advancement of global trade.