Aircraft discharges 30 tons oil for crash landing to rescue passenger

China Eastern Airlines flight MU587 from Shanghai to New York discharges 30 tons oil for emergency landing to save a 60-year-old female passenger on Saturday. During the flight, the female passenger suddenly felt uncomfortable and had difficulty breathing. In order to save the passenger’s life, the crew of China Eastern Airlines decided to do a crash landing in Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska, USA. 


The crew took action to help the passenger straight away and transferred her from economy to business section. They also broadcast for a doctor on board the flight. 


The sick passenger was immediately rescued by local ambulance personnel after landing. (Photo: Thepapernews)

The total number of passengers on board was 294. At the time of the incident, the plane still had some distance to its New York destination. To ensure a safe landing, the crew decided to execute the oil discharge procedure, which discharged 30 tons of oil in the air.

After the plane landed, the passenger was immediately taken by local ambulance personnel. The aircraft refueled and took off from Anchorage International Airport at 21:20 GMT. It safely arrived in New York after over six hours of delay.

The female passenger has recovered and has been discharged from hospital.