Rekindle the Party's 'Glamor of the Orient’
By Chen Jiaxing
People's Daily app


When paying a visit to Yan'an in 1936, American writer Edgar Snow was amazed by the lifestyle there: Mao Zedong lived in a humble cave-house and Peng Dehuai was wearing a waistcoat made from seized parachutes. Yet everyone — Party leaders and ordinary members alike — were happy with their lives.

Snow thus discovered a strength he called the “Glamor of the Orient,” claiming it to be the foundation of the Communist Party of China. It is exactly the “Glamor of the Orient” that inspires generations of CPC members to rise up to challenges and accomplish one achievement after another.

“As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, our Party must get a new look and make new accomplishments.” “Take strengthening the Party's long-term governance capacity and its advanced nature and purity as the main thrust; take enhancing the Party's political-building as the overarching principle; take holding dear the Party's ideals, convictions, and purpose as the underpinnings; and take harnessing the whole Party's enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity as the focus of efforts...” In the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, general requirements for Party building in the new era are set, and eight strategic plans made, including putting political Party building first. These new requirements are aimed, in essence, at rekindling the Party's “Glamor of the Orient,” to remind Party members to stay true to the Party's founding mission, and to stress that each and every Party member must always breathe the same air as the people, share the same future and stay truly connected to them, and that the people's aspirations of a better life must always be the focus of the Party's efforts.

The “Glamor of the Orient” is hard won and easily lost. It would be undermined and even perish if Party members pay little attention to self-improvement, fail to resist temptations and ignore people’s feelings. Since the convening of the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has reiterated that “the whole Party must stay on full alert,” warning that “the biggest potential danger to the CPC as a ruling party comes from its divorce from the masses.” He thus made the strategic decision to ensure full and strict governance over the Party, reawakening the original aspirations of the Party. Now that the problems of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance have been dealt with, and corrupt officials brought to justice, lurking dangers of the Party and the State are eliminated and the “eastern magic” of the party is inspired. This is exactly the reason why international media consider ensuring full and strict governance over the Party “the most innovative.”

Some international media reported that the 19th NPC National Congress is “the first Party congress in front of the world map.” Indeed, it is in the context of globalization that the Party runs the country, which poses higher standards to the Party itself. Facing the new contradiction in the new era, the Party must strengthen itself. We should seek full and strict governance over the Party, give top priority to political Party building, strengthen its theory, crack down on corruption and promote integrity. Only by doing so can we rekindle the “Glamor of the Orient” and show the world our “Power of the Orient.”