Video | Syrian girl’s talent show video touches China
By Li Lei and Huang Ziqi
People's Daily app

The video of 9-year-old Syrian girl, Ghina Bou Hemdan, singing "Give Us Our Childhood", an anti-war song, two years ago has been circulating again on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social media, as the war-torn Syria returns to the center of international attention after the strike launched by the US, the UK and France.

Ghina couldn’t help crying when she performed the song at the scene of The Voice of Kids, a hit musical talent show held by MBC.


Ghina breaks down in tears as she sings (Image: CEN)

Gina said she had never seen a children’s amusement park, but heard about it from her family; instead, she only saw bloody skies, heard bombs and felt fear every day because of the war in Syria.

The original song depicts the miserable life of children in Lebanon during its 15-year civil war with an estimated 120,000 victims, which is similar to the situation in Syria.

Chinese netizens comment that they are touched by the song and feel sorry for the girl as well as all the Syrian people, hoping the war will end soon and peace will come early to the land.

Some said the video made them cry and they want to give the girl a hug.


Chinese social network users comment on Ghina Bou Hemdan’s drafting video. (Photo: Sina Weibo)