Video: British teenager earns £1,000 an hour voicing Peppa Pig
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Video source: Sina

Children’s animation Peppa Pig is very popular around the world. Do you know who voices this character?

Harley Bird, a 16-year-old British girl, started voicing Peppa Pig since she was five. At that time, she didn’t know many words. The producers used to read the lines out to her and she would repeat them. 


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Bird earns £1,000 an hour, and up to £12,000 a week. She is expected to become a millionaire by the time she is 21 if everything goes right. 

Bird’s family lives on a farm where she has two pigs named Peppa and George. 

Watch this video showcasing Bird on ITV’s This Morning program and get to know more about her. 


Photo: Screenshot of the video


Photo: Xinhua

(Compiled by Du Mingming)