6 dies, 1 injured in landslide in Myanmar's northern state

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People look for the bodies of miners killed by a landslide in Hpakant jade mine in Kachin state November 21, 2015. File Photo: Reuters/Stringer. 

Six people were killed and another one was injured in landslide near a jade mine in Myanmar's Kachin state on Thursday evening, the Information Ministry said on Friday.

The landslide occurred due to the collapse of a 45.7-meter-high, 60.9 meter-long spoil tip which was formed by waste dug out by Nine Dragons (Mine Ayeyar) mining company at 3:30 p.m. local time.

The injured has been under treatment in Hpakant hospital.

Mining accidents were common in Hpakant mining region and most of the fatalities were caused by landslides.