Over 100 telecom fraud suspects deported from Laos to China
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A total of 104 people suspected of telecommunications fraud were deported from Laos to Zhengzhou, Henan Province and Xi’an, Shaanxi Province on Friday, involving more than 300 swindling cases worth 30 million yuan ($5 million).

In 2016, suspects in Henan and Shaanxi provinces pretended to be police to collect money from the public. Police found several dens in Laos.

Chinese and Laotian police formed a special group to follow the cross-border telecommunication fraud cases.

Six criminal dens, 104 suspects and numbers of bank cards, computers and audio gateways were found in Vientiane and Luang Prabang in 2017, which were used in more than 300 fraud cases in China.

(Compiled by Chi Jingyi)