Lusa News Agency
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Description and Mission

Lusa - News Agency of Portugal is the largest Portuguese news agency, providing a complete coverage in all media - text, audio, video, photo, multimedia - for all media outlets and companies that wish to stay updated and follow the country and the world in real time. Every day, we distribute about 500 news, 1,600 photographs, 20 videos and 40 audio pieces with a high standard of quality service. More than 300 journalists on five continents guarantee the continuous feed of our news wire, so that all Lusa’s customers are the first to know the news that make the world.

As the only national Portuguese news agency, it is our mission to gather and treat all information of interest, to produce and distribute our news services to a broad array of users (national and international media, businesses, and public and private institutions of various kinds), and to render a service of public interest to citizens.


Our objective is to affirm the national and international importance of Lusa, qualitatively adjusting its services and its presence in the national territory, in the Portuguese speaking countries and in the world, in the context of the democratic and plural flow of news. 

Company Policies

Beyond the public interest, Lusa is proud to orient its activity within the values of clarity, rigor, impartiality, plurality of information, trust, quality, timely information and teamwork.