'Boycotting winter Olympics' cannot be more foolish
China Daily
20:22, November 20, 2021

Some US media outlets and politicians have called for a "diplomatic boycott" of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

That is foolish. But some US politicians blame China for everything;

Inside their "smear China" toolbox there are always the same old things.

They either fabricated rumors about Xinjiang,

or distorted facts about Hong Kong,

or they encourage Tsai Ing-wen to provoke the Chinese mainland.

Some US politicians want to play anti-China cards all time, but these cards are disappearing.

China is always able to refute their rumors, and they are the ones to lose face.

Facing a new wave of the novel coronavirus, the daily infections in the US have risen to 80,000. These politicians should care more about their citizens, instead of trying to make trouble everywhere.