Haikou expo can do wonders for reviving world economy
China Daily

People visit Hainan Hall at the second China International Consumer Products Expo on July 26. Photo by Zhang Wei/chinadaily.com.cn

The second China International Consumer Products Expo, which kicked off in Haikou, Hainan province, on Monday, could attract more than 2,800 domestic and foreign brands, while more than 600 new products from around the world could make their debut there.

The opening of the six-day expo after overcoming numerous difficulties is proof of China's unwavering determination to expand opening-up and its sense of responsibility as a major country.

The expo is the largest consumer goods exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Compared with the first one held last year, this year's expo is expected to attract more consumer goods and global leading brands apart from bringing in more than 40,000 buyers and professional visitors.

Through the expo, China is welcoming enterprises to ride the express train of its development and share the opportunities in its vast market.

China also hopes more high-quality Chinese consumer goods can go global through the expo. Since the beginning of this year, the international situation has been complex, with world economic growth slowing down and inflation rising in many countries. The expo will help boost consumption recovery and add new dynamism to the world's economic recovery and growth.

The expo also marks China's important measure to effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development. The steady recovery of China's economy has been hit by the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, with major economic indicators declining significantly in March and April. In the face of downward economic pressure, all regions and departments have done their utmost to revive production. At the same time, the authorities have implemented the strategy of expanding domestic demand, introducing a series of policy measures to expand automobile consumption and promote green and smart home appliances. The growth rate of China's total retail sales of consumer goods turned from negative to positive in June. China is now the world's second largest market of consumer goods, and the expo will effectively optimize consumption supply and smooth consumption channels, better promote consumption recovery and promote overall consumption upgrading.

The expo highlights China's determination and confidence to promote opening-up at a higher level. It will also provide enterprises from all over the world with opportunities to share the Chinese market and lubricate the reeling recovery of the world economy.