China made impossible possible through unity, hard work, dedication
China Daily

In every country's history a turning point comes to implant its name in history, to set itself as an example.

Medical workers dance together to celebrate the closing of the Jianghan Makeshift Hospital in Central China's Wuhan on March 9, 2020. (Photo: China Daily)

The Chinese people have proved they are fighting bravely and winning the war against the novel coronavirus epidemic across the nation. Now the number of affected people per day in China has fallen to single digit. Until March 15, COVID-19 has been confirmed in 150 countries. Out of total 156,766 cases in the world 80,844 cases were reported in China. In China 66,913 patients have recovered out of total 75,937 recovered patients globally. The journey was extremely difficult and horrific but with strong determination, dedication and selflessness Chinese doctors, armed forces, government and common men and women have made history. Since the outbreak Chinese government has taken every possible action to safeguard its people from the virus and now Chinese government is sending its experts to different countries where the virus has high prevalence.

Since the outbreak China has done everything, but I especially admire the efforts done by Chinese common people along with the government to combat the coronavirus outbreak. The construction of 1,000-bed Huoshenshan Hospital and the 1,600-bed Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, both built in less than 10 days. Once the government announced it there were workers from all over country rushing to the site, companies offered the expertise for the hospital and the miracle happened, the two hospitals were ready to treat patients in just 10 days' time.

Then the world saw the emotional scenes on TV screens and on social media worldwide, when 46,000 medical staff workers, including senior doctors, were getting on trains and planes to leave for Wuhan, the epicenter of virus outbreak. They knew their family might not see them again but they volunteered and stepped up in fight against the biggest war in recent times where no bullets were fired and no rockets launched. Where the enemy was hidden, without identity, without passport and with microscopic physical existence. The only way to defeat it was determination, resilience and unity.

Chinese doctors and medical staff members had to go through extensive hard work covering the whole body with medical suits where they had patient outnumbering the doctors and facilities. Turning the stadiums, playgrounds, and malls into hospitals, big data to record the number of patient and track their movement, online data sharing and telemedicine expertise using 4G/5G was carried out efficiently. This Tuesday, there were immense happiness and excitement on the faces of doctors and medical staff as the last patient was discharged from these facilities and those emergency facilities were closed for good.

China has maintained enough supply of materials including surgical masks, disinfectant, protective suits and safety goggles for front line medical workers. To minimize the impact of school postponements, online education platforms began offering free online classes to school students nationwide. Also developing or sharing their technological tools to support preparedness and response for this outbreak and future epidemics. At the same time international students all over China were given full permission to return home or stay at dorms and apartments. Daily inspection of temperature, free masks and thermometers and delivery of daily necessities at doorsteps were arranged. Those students who have returned to home countries were asked to stay connected 24/7 with admin and provide the daily temperature and symptoms check of themselves and provide information of any infected patient in the town or city.

When COVID-19 hit Italy, a team of nine doctors with 31 tons of medical supplies and medicine was dispatched to the country where the pandemic is second severest after China with 21,155 patients and 1441 deaths and rapid increase in numbers. The mortality rate in Italy is 5 percent, highest in the world. The medical system in Italy is overwhelmed and the infection of medical staff is serious. It was in this urgent situation that doctors from West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Sichuan provincial center for disease control and prevention were dispatched to help contain the spread. China government sent its doctors and coronavirus experts' teams to Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

WHO has recommended to take advantage from the Chinese expertise to fight against the coronavirus. China has said it is helping the international community. With rigorous efforts to find vaccine and treatment Chinese scientists are working day and night. We are sending medical teams to countries that need that, and we will do whatever to join the international community to fight this virus because we have only one world, we need to join hands, we need to show solidarity.

China has proved that it's a responsible and dedicated nation. It's a role model for countries around the world to learn that nothing is impossible in this world. Winning the war at home now China is helping the Belt & Road and countries in need to combat the COVID-19. With hard work, dedication and unity we can achieve the impossible.

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz is a surgeon, and PhD research fellow on CSC Scholarship at Shandong University, China.

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