US politicians must hear songs of angry men
China Daily

File photo shows the White House and a stop sign in Washington DC, the United States. (Photo: Xinhua)

A Monmouth University Polling Institute survey from June 23-27 has found that:

42 percent of Americans are "struggling" to remain where they are financially; 58 percent show "disapproval" of their president; 88 percent believe the US is on the "wrong track". About one-third of respondents listed inflation as their chief concern, followed by gas prices (15 percent), the economy (9 percent), bills (6 percent), abortion (5 percent), guns (3 percent), and COVID-19(1 percent).

The results remind one of the lyrics of a song from the 2012 American movie Les Miserables: "Do you hear the people sing, sing the songs of angry men?"

The rising inflation rate is forcing US residents to seek more part-time jobs for survival, but where are the jobs?

Despite so many mass shootings happening, the US Supreme Court recently overturned the New York City's 106-year-old law limiting people from carrying guns in a concealed way. Soon after, the court ruled that women's abortion right is no longer under constitutional protection.

COVID-19 continues to spread, but those in the White House and on Capitol Hill no longer seem to be paying attention to it. From all aspects, US politicians no longer seem to care about citizens' rights so long as their own interests are served. Domestically they are busy, quarreling in Congress, and trying to paint their rivals as clowns. Internationally, they are busy hurling muck at China and blaming it for everything that's wrong in their part of the world.

That's why the US Department of State invents one conspiracy theory after another, painting China as the villain. However, somebody needs to tell the American people that those responsible for their bad living conditions do not come from the other side of the Pacific, but from Capitol Hill and the White House.

The survey's findings are like a wake-up call to US politicians, that unless they make amends, the public's wrath awaits them.