Swedish TV show reeks of arrogance and prejudice


(Photo: Sina)

BEIJING, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- In a clear breach of journalistic ethics and an affront to the conscience of humanity, a recent Swedish TV show used very vulgar language against the Chinese people, giving the impression that the anchor and the production team have apparently set their eyes on inciting racial hatred against an entire race.

In the show recorded in a faux-newsroom setting, the host volleyed a barrage of insults against China and her people. To add salt to the wound, he also used an incomplete map of China with the Taiwan province and parts of the Tibetan region missing.

The program, produced by the Swedish Television SVT and aired on Friday, reeks of arrogance and prejudice. It betrays the ignorance of the production team as well as its ulterior motive to cast China in a negative light following a recent controversy regarding police mistreatment of Chinese tourists.

The Chinese Embassy in Stockholm has already lodged a complaint regarding the program, which is riddled with racial bias and malicious slander.

It is the rule of thumb for the press to adhere to principles such as objectivity, fairness and impartiality, and members of the press are expected to be ethical and at the very least, rational.

Based on the absurd remarks of the anchor and the fabricated materials used in the show, one could not help but wonder if the entire production team flunked News-Reporting 101. They definitely failed their pronunciation-test.

For a long time, some Western media are keen to dress themselves up as so-called "human rights defenders" and are accustomed to pointing fingers at others, accusing them of wrongdoings, while in the same breath, incessantly spewing discriminatory reports on other ethnicities.

In this instance, SVT, apparently void of objectivity, decided to spice the show with defamatory insults. This attempt to "pour dirty water on the Chinese people," exposed their true colors instead.

Racial discrimination is a serious insult to human dignity. Any act to advocate racism and xenophobia will automatically be chastised by anyone of decency.

Misguided by prejudice and ignorance, several Western media have apparently lost their baseline-ethics to disseminate unconfirmed information, spread rumors, and even fabricate stories. These irresponsible acts not only fuel racial discrimination but also provoke conflict and contradictions.

If this unfortunate trend is left unchecked, the very fabric of peace and development of the human society will be in jeopardy.

It is expected that this Swedish TV channel correct its inappropriate broadcast and promptly make an appropriate apology. It is also hopeful that the media could in future, script programs which enhance global friendship while promoting healthy development of the bilateral ties, instead of producing garbage to the contrary.