Is beauty only skin deep for Chinese teens?
Global Times


(Photo: Global Times)

Before entering college, one would be expected to take pains to prepare for the challenges of higher education. But some Chinese high-school graduates are more willing to go under the surgeon's knife to look better before they enter the hallowed portals of a university. According to a report by China Youth Daily, more such students long for cosmetic surgery for getting bigger eyes and oval faces. Instead of dissuading them, paretnts are willing to pay for the procedures so that teenagers can change how they look and boost their confidence. Tired of being their old selves, these students wan to embrace their new college life with smarter appearances. Good-looking people may have better opportunities come their way and even better job prospects. However, students would be wiser to pay more attention to their self-development and nurture their personality by gaining knowledge and introspecting. This would bring out the natural beauty in them.