A society divided by Donkey-Elephant tussle
China Daily

(Luo Jie/China Daily)

Monday marks the 246th Independence Day of the United States of America. Two-hundred-and-forty-six years ago, the founding fathers of the US wrote that "All men are created equal". The authorities seems to be following this dictum-literally. The equality they promote is limited to men alone.

On June 24, the US Supreme Court ruled against Roe vs Wade, denying US women the right to an abortion. A 10-year-old girl who got pregnant after being raped in Ohio was denied an abortion as her state does not allow it once fetal cardiac activity is detected, in the sixth week of pregnancy. She was thus travelling to neighboring Indiana, which can prove very risky for her; she might bleed on the way, or suffer some kind of lifelong damage. But, who cares?

Certainly not the politicians, who have only their party's interests in mind.
US President Joe Biden said the US Supreme Court's rule turns the nation's clock back 150 years.

Everybody knows the reason why; it is the tussle between the Donkey and the Elephant. The two-party system was designed to balance power, but two centuries later it has given rise to a kind of bureaucracy in which every party tries to prevent the other from championing social progress.

For their selfish interests, US politicians quarreled at Capitol Hill and in the Supreme Court, decided to repeal New York city's 106-year-old ban on carrying concealed guns, and have now deprived women of the right to abortion.

The struggle between the two parties has not only divided Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court, but also split society. The Capitol Hill riot on Jan 6, 2021, is proof of that. Even social networking sites in the US are full of acrimony. It is time US society wakes up and stops this slide any further.