The sky will not fall


The United States President Donald Trump (Photo: CGTN)

Recently, an American scholar argues that the United States has suffered greatly from Trump's foreign policy, stating that the damage cannot be repaired in the short term. It seems as if the sky were to fall in. 

I'm not sure the sky over which country the scholar is referring to - the United States or the world? But I think neither is falling.

Trump's approaches to international affairs since he came to power are indeed beyond apprehension. In the name of "America first," he abandoned his allies, withdrew from treaties, scolded his neighbors, provoked a trade war, acted arbitrarily, spoke without faith and was prone to extremes. In fact, he was destroying the reputation and sources of strength of the United States. His own Party members had earlier claimed that he did more damage to the United States than any enemy of the United States. This speaks volume for the impact of his actions. The above conclusion recently reached by an American scholar represents another insightful reflection on what Trump has done to the United States.

However, I believe "the sky will not fall," because, though not Trump, someone will stop it.

First of all, American people will not let this happen. The comments on Trump from his own Party and the views of this scholar can all prove that not everyone in the United States appreciates what Trump has done. Many oppose him, not to mention the Democratic Party. As the incumbent president, Trump is abusing his power. The American people's resistance to him demonstrates their determination not to let the sky over America fall.

Secondly, the world will not stand idly by. Trump's actions have brought about instability, injustice and conflicts to the world and greater danger of chaos and war to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and even Latin America. Therefore most countries around the globe are contemplating how to counter Trump's actions and restore peace, stability, harmony, and development. The convergence of such forces for good can reduce the impact of Trump and holds up "the sky".

It's worth noting that China, a country gradually approaching the center stage of world politics with the greater good in mind, is trying to uphold "the sky" with a new world order of "justice, harmony and win-win" while insisting that "China will not pick up a fight, but is not afraid to fight, and will fight when necessary." The notion of stability championed by China has gained great traction and support among the people. Its role in stopping the sky over the world from falling should not be underestimated at all.

Trump has indeed been a serious destructive force to world peace and stability as well as American clout and influence, but he is unable to bring down "the sky" after all.

Objectively speaking, the rationality of returning to "peaceful coexistence" still exists in America, and it is possible to expect the re-emergence of a relatively stable world.