Observer: Effective COVID-19 control calls for precise and firm enforcement
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The sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in several regions has taken a toll on people's livelihoods and business activities. Facing the challenge, local authorities across China have been working to increase the effectiveness of their pandemic control work according to their regional circumstances.

A medical worker inoculates a recipient with a COVID-19 vaccine at a temporary inoculation site in Haidian District in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 11, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua)

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has been adjusting to the fast-changing situation, and has released nine versions of national pandemic control guidelines as well as the latest 20-point circular. Every update is devised with extensive research, based on science, and targeted at further increasing the precision and effectiveness of pandemic control work so that the severe case rate and fatality rate remain at low levels.

Resolute enforcement is what keeps the measures functioning. Measures including detecting the infected individuals, tracing close contacts accurately, and informing the public of risk areas are all critical to winning an edge over the virus in early stages. Missing this window will lead to a surge in community-level transmission, therefore adding difficulty to bringing the pandemic under control.

So far, the spread of local COVID-19 cases in the country is increasingly intense in terms of scope and speed. On-going mutation of the virus has made it more difficult to identify infected people and trace close contacts. At the same time, a lack of medical resources and community pandemic control personnel have also stretched the pandemic control mechanism thin.

To tackle the mounting pressure on COVID-19 control, regular monitoring of the virus needs to be in place. Nucleic testing personnel, contact tracing personnel, quarantine resources, and management of traveling people must also be coordinated effectively. The spread of the virus can only be curbed through optimization and more resolute implementation of practices proved to be effective.

Dealing with COVID-19 flareups requires a more detail-oriented approach and firm implementation. With risks under management, measures implemented, and unnecessary restrictions lifted, the pandemic control shield is bound to protect people from the virus.