Observer: Sharing weal and woe, medical assistance shines at home and abroad
By Han Xiaomeng
People's Daily app


As the last batch of medical personnel from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital supporting Wuhan left the once hard-hit Hubei Province on Wednesday, medical assistance from other parts of China is wrapped up as the epidemic is subdued in the previous epicenter.

The COVID-19 epidemic has witnessed an unprecedented interconnection within China. With Hubei suffering from mounting infections over the past 4 months, medics from other regions of the country formed an ally to assist different cities of the province. They hold the conviction that the whole country can recover only when Hubei tides over the epidemic so the faith of standing with Hubei and Wuhan has been highly cherished.

Such a spirit further carries on from China to the whole world as the country gradually weathers the epidemic while outbreaks take place in other parts of the world. Chinese medics bear the responsibilities of bringing the Chinese expertise to the whole world as the globe is a community with a shared future. Through a variety of forms of exchanges including sending medical teams, supplies and equipment, holding online seminars, video conferences, China is willing to share with the world the Chinese experience in laboratory testing, epidemic control, respiratory disease treatment, intensive care and traditional Chinese medicine.

Despite such hands-on frontline experiences, medics also play a dispensable role of making the public aware of the ABCs about the disease and popularizing relevant conceptions around the world. Without them, locking down epicenters to cutting off transmissions, social distancing, wearing masks and taking precautions such as washing hands and disinfecting daily necessities frequently will be less accepted.

What impresses the world is that the State Council Information Office has specially held two news conferences in English, inviting Chinese medics to discuss their experience with their counterparts overseas including their methods of treating severe COVID-19 cases. Chinese medics have also taken multiple interviews and live stream events on medical exchanges, fully demonstrating their professionalism. Many medical professionals, with a mastery of both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), have contributed invaluable lessons as to how to harness TCM in COVID-19 treatment as a unique Chinese model.

The Chinese government has provided supplies to 127 countries and four international organizations, sent 13 medical teams to 11 countries and held over 70 video conferences with experts from more than 150 countries and international organizations. Such foreign assistance and international cooperation in the battle against the COVID-19 shows the humanitarian orientation of China, especially the Chinese medics. Confronted with the coronavirus, they get on the frontlines around the world, making utmost efforts to save lives and bringing down the mortality rate.

Amid the outbreak, the whole world should stand in solidarity, experience the best of humanity by saving the world from the virus. There are no superheroes nor magical forces capable of conquering all illnesses and misery in reality. As doctors and nurses are often portrayed as angels in white, this time they once again bring light to us in the race against time, with their professional and humanitarian devotions.

Chinese medics should be remembered in this process as they believe only when the pandemic is waned in every part of the world, can the fight come to an end. That's why they come to aid the places in need, whether in China or other parts of the world, sharing weal and woe.