Observer: End lies, violence in Hong Kong
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The demonstrations held in Hong Kong on Sunday were generally peaceful, compared to the previous months. Unfortunately, and once again, black-clad rioters interrupted the city’s residents while they were expressing their demands. Rioters deviated from the police-approved procession route and placed barricades on the streets while raiding and damaging retail shops and restaurants, while starting fires and vandalizing public facilities. 

Their goal of placing residents’ lives in danger is crystal clear. Since June, they have used the residents as tools and shields. They have crossed the bottom line of law, morals, and humanity, in an attempt to shut down Hong Kong. 

Wherever core values of Hong Kong exist, that is where they will attack. Wherever traditional advantages exist, they destroy them. The unruly protesters dream of changing Hong Kong through violence and then reconstructing order. They have vowed to attack all existing systems. Truth be told, the executive, legislative, and judicial systems are thorns in their flesh.

Peace lovers in Hong Kong should realize that tolerating such violence only encourages the rioters, fuels brutality, and gives them more excuses to spread lies and rumors. In the media coverage, the same rioters have referred to the peaceful demonstrators as their supporters. 

For those who have encountered travel delays, the rioters have referred to them as “strike participants.” The petrol bombs used by the rioters contain dioxins, which are dangerous and harmful chemicals, yet they blamed the tear gas used by police for the recent chemical air pollution. 

Rioters also started rumors there were fatal events resulting from the incident in Prince Edward Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Station on August 31. However, it turned out that those so-called victims are alive. 

Data has revealed that 880 shops were looted, and nearly 500 police officers have been injured. More than 2,000 protesters, incited by the opposition, were arrested. The rioters were also responsible for causing the death of one senior citizen, the closing of hundreds of restaurants, and sending the Hong Kong economy into contraction.  

The opposition lured innocent people from their peaceful lives and incited youngsters to commit crimes, while they remained behind the scenes and away from the chaos. Such selfish and sinister minds will never be the true defender of the city or an ally to Hong Kong residents. 

It has been frequently reported that Hong Kong residents are caring, who help homeless dogs and cats. Now, as their homes are close to being burned, children are in danger and neighbors being threatened with their lives, residents can no longer hear those lies and let hatred erode society, nor allow violence to sweep through the streets. 

Recently, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council passed a bill that calls for the serious prosecution of teachers who escalate hatred and encourage violence. People should remember how vicious those teachers who once said, "Children of the police won't live to be seven years old." 

People need to realize that teachers, representatives, and lawyers who escalate violence are leading their children to a dead end. Moreover, people should be aware of the pain of social unrest which can affect themselves, family, and their future. It is necessary and urgent that such rumor-mongering and violence is dispelled from the city and hope and optimism returns to Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong has enjoyed a tradition of living with freedom and being ruled by law, and it is essential that others learn the difference between peaceful demonstrators and violent mobs.

Hong Kong is the "Pearl of the Orient,” but it has been tortured and divided by violence and criminal activities that began in June. A pragmatic and cooperative approach would best serve the mutual interests of the protesters and the city’s government. 

A rainbow often appears after a storm, and Hong Kong will have a promising and bright future. 

(compiled by Ryan Yaoran Yu and Paris Yelu Xu)