Observer: US Cold War mentality shall come to an end
By Zhong Sheng
People's Daily app

Some US politicians are just doing everything to politically persecute China, and everything about China.

FBI Director Christopher Wray fanned up the so-called "China threat" in his speech delivered at the Hudson Institute last week, shamelessly undermining the regular nation-to-nation relations with political lies.


When the world is seeing the urgency of cooperation and mutual assistance, such Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice are extremely dangerous and alarming.

Before Wray made his speech, US President's National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had repeatedly staged similar farces, and US Attorney General William Barr is also expected to do the same soon.

Such organized political persecution by these US politicians is a weird practice in international relations. The ridiculous farces they staged are not only undermining China-US ties, but also impacting international order.

China's development is not a free lunch, or granted by others. It is achieved by the diligent, wise and courageous Chinese people of all ethnic groups under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). 

When assessing China's development, one should not only see what benefits the Chinese people have gained, but also how much hard effort they have put in, not just what achievements China has made, but also what contributions China has made to the world.

China pursues a path of common development through opening-up, and aims to benefit other countries and their people as much as possible while pursuing development at home. It is a fact that will not be changed no matter how these US politicians are viciously and ridiculously labeling China.

The world is facing huge pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic, and a deep recession is inevitable. China and the US, as the world's largest developing and developed countries, should properly handle their relations in a way that's responsible for the mankind, the history and the people. To make China-US ties coordinated, cooperative and stable based on non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation conforms to the interests of the people from both countries and the rest of the world. 

However, just like US economist Jeffrey Sachs has put it, "The US is a force for division, not for cooperation." The unfriendly practices of the US have seriously threatened the normal development of China-US relations. The anti-China forces in the US are kidnapping the diplomatic policies of the White House, trying to push China-US relations toward the the brink of "new Cold War." 

Those US politicians obsessed with lying and Cold War mentality shall understand that political persecution will never work, but is only irresponsible for the future of the US and the interests of the world and isolate the US. To bring back rationality and do more to promote China-US ties remains the only way out.