OPINIONS Observer: No more LegCo members from ‘mutual destruction’ camp, as Hong Kong citizens have had it enough


Observer: No more LegCo members from ‘mutual destruction’ camp, as Hong Kong citizens have had it enough

By Wang Jiang | People's Daily app

16:55, November 12, 2020

A recent poll conducted by the bauhinia research institute in China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) showed that 67.3 percent of the respondents in Hong Kong were dissatisfied with the retained Legislative Council (LegCo) members who have been pro the “mutual destruction” strategy of mobsters in the city and the Hong Kong opposition.

By frequently disrupting the order of the LegCo and intentionally delaying deliberations on bills related to the economy and people’s livelihood, these LegCo members have not only invited disgust of Hong Kong citizens, but also exposed to more people their real purposes: stirring up trouble for Hong Kong through the LegCo.   

The LegCo is supposed to be a solemn place where people discuss affairs of the government.

However, certain LegCo members from the “mutual destruction” camp have continuously intensified efforts to challenge the order of the LegCo in total disregard of the difficulties confronting Hong Kong citizens and enterprises as well as the city’s urgent need for recovery and a new start as the COVID-19 pandemic has lingered in the city.

What kind of LegCo members would obstruct the running of meetings with violence in front of live cameras and paralyze the LegCo with radical behavior?

The LegCo of the HKSAR has become serious ill because of the manipulations by these people, who have broken rules in the name of maintaining them, undermined democracy under the banner of democracy, and claimed they were speaking out for the public when they were in fact trying to seize power.

Such misdeeds of the Hong Kong opposition would only hinder the LegCo from effectively fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities and hold back the city’s development.   

Since the turbulence triggered by the proposed amendments to the extradition laws in 2019, Hong Kong society has suffered too much from the black-clad rioters and the “mutual destruction” mobsters.

This year, the city has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. If its legislature lies idle or is even paralyzed due to the unscrupulous “mutual destruction” tactic of these LegCo members from the opposition camp, Hong Kong will have to face a darker shadow on its future. 

After all those pointless political disputes, Hong Kong citizens have been fed up with the endless fights driven by despicable motives and the disgusting conduct of opposition lawmakers who obstruct the HKSAR government from administering the city and hamper Hong Kong’s social progress.

Seizing opportunities to develop economy and improve people’s livelihood is currently the only focus of the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong.

Those “mutual destruction” supporters who care only about their private political interests and ignore people’s well-being, “professional opposers” who reject rational discussion on government affairs and harm Hong Kong’s future, and unscrupulous politicians who keep intensifying efforts to cause trouble for the city and inflict sufferings on Hong Kong residents are bound to lose support and be eventually cast aside by the people.       

Hong Kong is a plural society and a society based on the rule of law. Every member of the LegCo of Hong Kong has sworn to uphold the Basic Law of the HKSAR and be loyal to the HKSAR. As a part of the legislature of the HKSAR, members of the HKSAR LegCo ought to actively fulfill their duties according to law and safeguard the constitutional order defined by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the Basic Law of the HKSAR.    

Hong Kong citizens have been aware clearly that those opposition lawmakers who make use of Hong Kong’s social system to resist the system and attempt to fight against the central government’s overall jurisdiction over the HKSAR with Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy fundamentally jeopardize the successful implementation of the “one country, two systems” policy and undermine long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

These people are the real “worms in the LegCo” that have no respect for the voices of Hong Kong citizens and do not represent the interests of Hong Kong people.

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