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PD Talk | Find unity in diversity
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05:31, November 10, 2018

In this episode of PD Talk, we are delighted to be joined by Professor Baudouin Decharneux from the Free University of Brussels. He serves as the President of the Association of French Language Philosophy Societies. 

As a philosopher, Decharneux shared with us philosophical concepts, such as unity and diversity, to explain politics, humanity, and the relationship between China and the world. 

"We are in a world full of diversities, but we are also in the process of globalization. It means that we have to discover a new kind of unity among people," Decharneux said.

Decharneux said that politics is a matter of diversity, since it sometimes divides different people, but philosophy is about unity. Decharneux mentioned that perhaps the best politicians in the past were also philosophers, who tried to bring people together and to unify the nation.

"I feel the idea of unity in China," Decharneux said. "It's not only a unity of China, but also the unity of the people in the world. It's important."

When he talked about the theme of the 2018 World Philosophy Conference, "to learn to be human," Decharneux said, "We have lots of possibilities and the obligations to construct a new world with new humanity by using new technologies."

(Presented by Chi Jingyi, produced by Qiao Wai, Zhao Dantong and Zhan Huilan)