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PD Talk | Globalization cannot be stopped: Yan Xuetong (II)
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17:43, June 24, 2019

In this episode of People's Daily Talk, we are pleased to be joined by Professor Yan Xuetong, dean of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University.

Professor Yan introduced us his new book: Leadership and the Rise of Great Powers published by Princeton University Press, in which he attempts to explain why an emerging power could rise, filling the gap in previous international relations theories which only answers why a great power declines.

He also shared with us his thoughts on how the trade tension will influence globalization and global governance.

And in Yan's opinion, no matter China and US will reach a deal on the trade issue or not, the negotiation itself will keep the dialogue between the two countries, which should not be stopped.

Please click on the video for more details and stay tuned for the coming episode.

(Produced by Ni Tao, Qiao Wai and Zhao Dantong)