Winter swimming enthusiasts rejoice at the first snow in NE China
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Winter swimming enthusiasts in Shenyang, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, embrace their peak time as the city welcomes its first snowfall in 2018. Dozens of winter swimming lovers gather in Shenyang's Beiling Park on December 6, 2018. (Photos: VCG)
A winter swimming enthusiast jumps into the lake in Beiling Park on December 6, 2018. The lake is frozen and covered by snow. The winter swimming enthusiasts have broken part of the icy lake to swim.
A man swims in the lake. According to local news media, there are around 1,000 winter swimming enthusiasts in Shenyang and many are above 60 years old.
Female winter swimming enthusiasts pose for a photo after a swim. Xie Shuyi, 63, vice chairman of the Shenyang Winter Swimming Association, has already insisted on the habit for 20 years.
A woman swims in the lake. Xie said swimming in winter can help strengthen the body, resist the cold and reduce occurrences of catching cold.
Swimmers warm up on the bank of the lake. Normally each swim should be kept within 1 minute and warm-up is required before and after every swim, Xie said.
Not everyone is suitable for the sport. Xie said the applicants to the association shall pass a test to finish a 100-meter swim in waters with a water temperature of about 14 degrees centigrade. (Compiled by Huang Jingjing)