'Fearless Girl' moves to new home outside New York Stock Exchange
The "Fearless Girl" statue in New York City, U.S. that once stood against the Charging Bull statue of Wall Street, is permanently relocated to her new home on Monday facing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). /VCG Photo
The 1.2-meter bronze statue, created by sculptor Kristen Visbal, depicts a young girl looking determined and standing with hands on her hips and ponytail windswept to the side. /VCG Photo
The little girl is an instant tourist sensation, and has become a symbol for women in leadership and ignited global conversations about female empowerment in the context of corporate America, after its debut in the New York's financial district on the 2017 International Women's Day. /VCG Photo
"She is bold and self-confident and hopeful," says U.S. Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney during Monday's unveiling ceremony for the statue’s new home, AFP reported. /VCG Photo