Exploring the smart design at the Beijing Expo's China Pavilion
At the center of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo site stands the China Pavilion. (Photo: VCG)
The pavilion is a curved exhibition hall surrounded by mountains and rivers in the shape of ruyi, an ornamental object symbolizing good fortune in traditional Chinese culture. (Photo: 2019 Beijing Expo)
Echoing the expo’s theme “live green, live better,” the China Pavilion is designed to be environmentally friendly with most of its earth-sheltered structure embedded in man-made terrace fields, so that both heat and humidity can be preserved to save energy. (Photo: VCG)
A system designed to collect rainwater on the pavilion's steel roof along with a storage pond underground will be utilized for terrace field irrigation. (Photo: VCG)
Plus, more than 1,000 photovoltaic glass panels have been installed on the roof to utilize solar energy. (Photo: CGTN)
During the expo, the China Pavilion will display a full spectrum of flowers and plants of China as well as tell the history of Chinese gardening and horticulture. (Photo: CGTN)