Photos: One month after Wuhan reopens
People's Daily Online
The first passenger ferry operating after COVID-19 leaves a wharf in Wuhan for another in the city, April 8. It has been one month since Wuhan reopened after it moved closer to winning the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic. Now, the heroic city is embracing the world with a new gesture.
A snack shop reopens on Jiqing Street, Wuhan, April 11.
Workers clean a sewer in Wuhan, April 12.
Citizens wait to have their affairs handled at an administrative affairs center in Wuhan, April 13.
Job seekers take interviews during a job fair held in Wuhan. The first offline job fair after the COVID-19 epidemic was held in 7 districts throughout the city, April 21.
A bookstore reopens in Hankou district, Wuhan, April 22.
A subway operator gives the OK signal to run the train, April 22.
A maintenance driver checks a subway train before it reopens in Wuhan, April 22.
A couple takes wedding pictures on Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan, April 26.