Caocao gave birth to twin pandas in Wolong
By Wu Kai
People's Daily app
A pair of male-female panda twins, weighing approximately 215 grams and 84 grams respectively, were born in China’s Sichuan Province Wednesday afternoon, announced the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda on Sunday. (Photo: VCG)
The staff feeds the baby panda. It’s the first time a pigeon pair were born to both captive and wild parents. (Photo: VCG)
The staff checks the sex of the baby panda. The two baby pandas increase the genetic diversity of captive pandas. (Photo: VCG)
Experts at the Shenshuping panda base in Wolong will take care of the female cub. (Photo: VCG)
The mother attends to the male cub. (Photo: VCG)
Caocao started to show signs of pregnancy in late June. (Photo: VCG)
The mother was equipped with a positioning system and a recording device on her neck when she was released into the wild in February. (Photo: VCG)