World's tallest closet raises awareness of the cost of fast fashion
China Plus
In what has been dubbed the Worlds Tallest Closet, a group of conservationists has brought together a lifetime of clothes for the average person in one place. [Photo:IC]
The giant eye-catching structure was the brainchild of filmmaker Ben Von Wong and his friend Laura Francois. It's packed with 3,000 items, the average number of clothes someone in the developed world will go through in a lifetime. [Photo:IC]
Ben and Laura's mammoth 27-foot structure was erected in the Mall of Arabia in Cairo this month as a way of calling attention to the impact of the growth in what's been called fast fashion – low-cost, high-turnover clothing. [Photo:IC]
It took six tons of steel and 180 meters of wire to create the giant closet, which has been submitted for a world record. [Photo:IC]