'Good Riddance Day' shreds unwanted memories from 2018 ahead of New Year
Are you ready to be done with 2018 and start fresh in 2019? Here’s how New Yorkers and tourists got their chance to say goodbye to the year. NYC residents and visitors gathered at a paper shredder in Times Square at the 12th annual "Good Riddance Day" to shred and smash bad memories from 2018. /VCG Photo
The event drew dozens of participants eager to wipe out documents of debt and bills, as well as write down various messages of unpleasant events, and dispose of them completely. /VCG Photo
Some of the unwanted memories include messy roommates, dandruff, ex-partners, or about more serious issues like gun violence, racism, homophobia and mental health. /VCG Photo
Feeding the items into the shredding truck was a New York version of catharsis, according to Tom Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, which helped organize the event. /VCG Photo