Shanghai sanitation workers retake wedding photos
China Daily
A total of 50 couples in Shanghai's Yangpu district who work as street or public toilet cleaners, retake their wedding photos courtesy of a program sponsored by the Yangpu social organization service center. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
The program, which started 20 days ago, aims to express the city's gratitude for its sanitation workers. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
Most of the participants are aged from 40 to 50. Professional makeup artists and photographers are enlisted to help with the program. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
The first batch of 26 couples take their photos when the program was launched in April. The others would have their photo shoots in May. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
Wang Jiabao and his wife, both working as street cleaners in Shanghai, have a video chat with their children after taking the photos on May 13. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
Liu Wei, 50, a sanitation worker in Yangpu district, Shanghai, says this is the first time she has put on makeup in her life. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
A couple try different poses under the guidance of photographers. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
A husband uses his mobile phone to take photos of his wife, who has yet to change into her wedding dress. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]
All the participants work as street cleaners or public restroom keepers in Yangpu district, Shanghai. [Photo by Bo Kelin/for]