Commuting by kayak: No traffic jams and better scenery
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Bored with traffic jams when going to work by bus or subway? Consider boating instead. A middle school PE teacher named Sun Hua in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, kayaks to work, enjoying a different but leisurely life. (Photos: IC)
When Sun was a student in middle school, he was chosen by his coach to participate in the sport kayaking, but he didn't stick with it.
His former teammates set up an aquatic club last year. Time and weather permitting, he will ride a bike from his home to the aquatic base, then switch into his kayak, and row the final leg of his commute along the ancient Grand Canal. It takes about 20 minutes to row 3 kilometers down the waterway to his school.
The freedom and leisure of rowing alone along the water is what he enjoys the most. With the company of the canal’s scenery, he can put himself into a state of self-reflection.
Leisurely aquatic sports now enjoy much more safety and coziness in the downtown area of Jiaxing, thanks to the city’s ban on ships in the area. Personal water sports, such as kayaking, are not restricted by the ban. (Compiled by Xu Zheqi)