Pay tribute to China's farmers
By Huang Jingjing and Long Wei
People's Daily app
Villagers are drying harvested peppers at a field in Sandun township, Suzhou district, Jiuquan city, Gansu Province, on September 16. The third Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival, which falls on September 22, is celebrated across China under the theme of "Celebrating Harvest and Embracing Prosperity."
Farmers harvest late rice in Dianxia township, Zhangshu city, Jiangxi Province. The festival is also Qiufen or Autumn Equinox, the 16th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is midway through autumn, marking the beginning of deepest autumn.
Farmers lay out rice to dry in Shiji township, Sihong county, Suqian city, Jiangsu Province, on September 20. Autumn harvests are spreading over the country. Nevertheless, the bumper output is hard-won this year due to challenges to agricultural production brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic and major floods.
A villager inspects the millet that is about to be harvested in Zhaozhuang village, Xiangcheng county, Xuchang city, Henan Province on September 12.
The mechanized autumn harvest is underway in the fields of Nudui village, Zijin township, Gyantse county, Shigatse, Tibet Autonomous Region, on September 19.
Farmers are gathering rice ears in the field in Guojiawan village, Yuping Dong Autonomous County, Tongren city, Guizhou Province. (Photos: People’s Daily)