Young firefighters in China undergo intensive training
By Ren Shubin
People's Daily app
A forest fire brigade in Qamdo, China's Tibet Autonomous Region simulated forest fire conditions to train young firefighters to be both physically and mentally capable for a real blaze. (Photos: Ren Shubin/People's Daily)
By setting up burning walls, hurdles, corridors and bushes, the simulation program was aimed at teaching the young firefighters how to use equipment, avoid potential dangers and stay calm in an emergency.
“The grueling daily training you have endured will dramatically reduce the likelihood of you being trapped in a real fire zone,” a senior firefighter said. Following the instructions and procedures taught by instructors, those green recruits braved the blazing fire and completed the tasks.
The eastern area of Tibet has entered a key period in fire prevention. The simulation program offered those young firefighting personnel adequate training and experience to face the upcoming peak fire season of winter and spring.